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How Authorized Dealer Service Shops Are Misleading Consumers Using OEM vs. Genuine Parts!

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

For that reason, customers unknowingly will get charged for genuine original parts when servicing their vehicles when in fact an OEM part costs less. How does this happen? What the consumer doesn’t know is there really a difference between genuine, OE, OEM, and aftermarket parts? The short answer is YES! Since not all parts are created equally, how should you decide on what to buy? Let's break it down.

Genuine Original vs. OEM Parts

Simply stated, these are parts that were originally installed during production of the vehicle. There are several reasons someone may want to install Genuine Parts - they want to keep the car original or that they know parts are guaranteed to be compatible. The hidden fact is as seen here Mercedes star was scraped off the part & available for much less!

OEM Parts

When a manufacturer makes Genuine Original Parts for the production vehicle, they oftentimes create the same exact part, place their own label on the product, and sell it under their own brand. These are called OE or Original Equipment parts. Other than labeling, these parts are typically identical. Some of these OEM parts are brand names such as Lemforder, BoschTRWSachsLemforder, Hella, Siemens VDO, and Valeo among others. Since these parts are the same quality as most genuine parts, they are a popular option amongst servicing your vehicle since the cost savings can be substantial in many cases.

Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers nationwide display misleading MBUSA signs in their service centers claiming GENUINE oil filters last 45% longer; Genuine Wiper Blades last 800,000 revolutions; Genuine Air Filters last 60% longer and so on! This is not the case when in fact Genuine Original Parts are manufactured many times at the same factory, under the same factory standards as OEM Parts.

OEM Parts Shown Manufactured at Same Parts Plant as Genuine Mercedes-Benz Original Parts!

5 Star Mercedes-Benz Service

Eurotech Complete Auto care is the “Best Independent Dealer” for all your complete auto care service needs. At Eurotech, our select services can save you up to 40% OFF on OEM parts, unlike many authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers who use non-approved authorized factory fluids such as gas and oil additives, brake and transmission fluids while repairing your vehicle and charging you for Genuine parts and fluids at the same price.

At Eurotech Complete Auto Care we are the best independent top rated Mercedes-Benz service center for all your automobile needs and can provide you the very best customer care and automobile services that a dealership cannot provide whether you own a luxury, exotic, foreign or domestic vehicle. In essence, Eurotech Complete Auto care provides Bay Area customers with a one-stop shop all under one roof.

Many Mercedes-Benz authorized dealers are not interested nor do they want to service older model vehicles since they make most of their money from the factory for service of later model vehicles under warranty and service contracts.

Our Eurotech complete auto care services includes routine service to custom paint, refinish, fiberglass, metal repair, fabrication and restoration services and the latest in exterior body finishes such as custom wraps, if repainting your car is something your NOT interested in and want something out of the ordinary.

To take advantage of auto care repair services up to 40% OFF on select automobile parts repair services compared to your local factory dealership. Just bring in any authorized dealer service repair estimate and you will be pleasantly surprised how much savings you will receive at Eurotech Complete Auto Care.

For more information or a complimentary service estimate from Eurotech Complete Auto Care, contact us at (650) 654-6805 or to make an online service appointment visit

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