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Ask the Mercedes Expert: Why Follow Factory Service Guidelines and Recommendations?

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

No one knows your Mercedes-Benz better than you do - other than the manufacturer. Yes, although you may over time become familiar with the workings of your individual vehicle, the general makeup of your Mercedes was predetermined by a process that has remained consistent and been consistently updated for decades. This process brings you the quality that you can believe in - the quality that the brand is built on.

There is a reason that your local Mercedes repair and Mercedes parts dealers always seem to know how to handle problems. They understand the factory service guidelines and recommendations that serve your vehicle best. Here are just a few of the vetted reasons to follow the advice of your Mercedes body shop or collision center expert and prioritize those service guidelines.

Better Performance

Even top-performing cars like Mercedes need tune-ups. When are you supposed to get those tune-ups done? Well, of course, during the period that the factory service guidelines recommend!

Your Mercedes-Benz service guidelines are based on data collected over years of real-world experience with the Mercedes brand. There is a reason that the company can constantly improve on its performance year after year - it studies itself! Who better to know when you should get an oil change or a tire rotation than the data scientists who are collecting the information for the good of the company?

As we move into the future of the commercial vehicle, you can expect the Mercedes brand to become even more complicated. However, guidelines that come straight from the factory are even better than those that may come from a Mercedes service and parts dealer. Why is this? The Mercedes parts dealer is only concerned with fixing the models that he specializes in. These are usually earlier model cars that are beginning to experience depreciation. You may have a newer model, or you may have invested in a classic model for a collection. Regardless, the entity with the data for the entire time period is the same entity giving you the factory service guidelines. Follow them for best performance!

Low-Cost Repairs

Even the best Mercedes, as any Mercedes-Benz San Francisco or Mercedes-Benz Silicon Valley dealer can tell you, will eventually break down and need repairs. This is true even if you follow the service guidelines to the letter. The difference is the severity and the cost of those repairs.

Drivers who follow factory service guidelines will likely stave off many of the more expensive problems that a Mercedes may experience. Those drivers will end up paying less for the repairs they do need because the car will not break down as easily.

Maintaining the Warranty

Keep your car maintenance in order to maintain your warranty as well! There are certain contingencies built into factory warranties for defective parts, but any Mercedes SF Bay Area professional will tell you that many warranties are voided because the driver did not keep up with the maintenance. Because they did not keep up with the factory service guidelines, it became impossible to pinpoint the cause of a particular problem. Without proof that a part was defective, the warranty could not be invoked.

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