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Ask the Mercedes Expert: What if My Brake Light Sensor Comes On?

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

It's always concerning when a dashboard light comes on, especially when it's related to something as important as your brakes. Your Mercedes-Benz warns you about any significant maintenance and repair issues -- especially problems with critical systems. Here's what you need to know about your brake light sensor, repairing and maintaining your brake pads, and whether you need to bring your Mercedes-Benz into a Mercedes-Benz Service Center.

Why is My Mercedes-Benz Brake Light Sensor On?

Many Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a sensor positioned on their brake pads to determine whether the brake pads have worn down. Over time, the brake pad gets thinner and thinner, and eventually, the sensor makes contact with the rotor.

When the sensor makes contact, it alerts you in the form of a dashboard indicator light. This improves the safety of your vehicle, as it reduces the chances you could be using old and worn down brakes. When your sensor alerts you, you should bring your car to a Mercedes repair center so that they can reinstall the necessary Mercedes parts.

Your brake warning light will be on your dashboard or the instrument panel of your vehicle. Ordinarily, this light will look like an exclamation point with a circle drawn around it. However, the light may be different depending on the year and model of your Mercedes. Your manual will tell you exactly where the light is and what it looks like, in addition to giving you an overview of the other lights on your dashboard.

Where Are the Brake Sensors on My Vehicle?

Usually, your brake sensors will only be on your front brakes. Sometimes there may also be sensors on the rear brakes. Consequently, some vehicles will have two sensors and others will have four. You can ask your Mercedes Body Shop or Mercedes Service Center about where your sensors are located and whether they're operating as they should.

Brake pads will wear down over time; it's a good time to get them checked whenever you're at a Mercedes Service and Parts center. By the time your brake pad light has gone off, it's likely that your brake pads need to be replaced immediately. If you don't want your next repair visit to be at the collision center, get your brakes serviced right away.

Do My Brake Sensors Need to be Replaced With My Brakes?

Since brake sensors are mounted directly to brake pads, they usually need to be replaced at the same time as your brakes. When the worn brake pads are removed, then the worn sensor will also be removed. However, since they are the same, then the same repair and maintenance process will deal with both issues at the same time.

If your brake pad warning light is currently on, it's essential that you get the issue addressed as soon as possible. Eurotech Complete Auto Care can provide comprehensive repairs and maintenance for Mercedes SF Bay Area, Mercedes-Benz San Francisco, and Mercedes-Benz Silicon Valley vehicles.

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