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Ask the Mercedes-Benz Expert: What if Your Vehicle is Not Repaired to Mercedes-Benz Standards?

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Occasionally, a Mercedez-Benz owner may find that their vehicle hasn't been repaired up to the requirements of a Mercedes-Benz repair center. Often, this means that you need to see a shop that specializes in Mercedes-Benz service and parts, to make sure that your vehicle has been properly repaired. If you haven't received the right Mercedes parts and service, your vehicle may not be able to perform up to Mercedes-Benz standards. 

At Eurotech Complete Auto Care, we specialize in the servicing and repair of all makes, models, and years of Mercedes-Benz models. There isn't a Mercedes vehicle that we can't service. General auto shops aren't going to be able to provide the tailored, expert Mercedes service that a Mercedes body shop can. Not only are Mercedes parts designed to the most rigorous of specifications, but it takes significant training and experience to be able to service a Mercedes-Benz correctly.

There's a reason why Eurotech Complete Auto Care was the first Mercedes-Benz USA Factory Approved Collision Center in the Bay Area. A specialized repair center in Mercedes-Benz SF, we take special pride in using factory tools, and in training our expert technicians with the latest up-to-date technical specifications. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are changing all the time, with new luxury, technology, and safety features. At our Mercedes-Benz SF Bay Area shop, we are able to maintain complete Mercedes-Benz factory service standards.

As an expert in Mercedes-Benz San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Bay Area repairs, we are often brought Mercedes-Benz Certified or Non-Certified vehicles to repair. Many times, a Mercedes-Benz customer will need to bring us their vehicle for modifications to repairs that were completed by a local Mercedes-Benz Silicon Valley or Bay Area dealership. These repairs are often not done to Mercedes-Benz standards. 

Eurotech Complete Auto Care provides customers with the exact Mercedes-Benz standards to repair your vehicle.

These vehicles can be poorly repaired to an alarming extent. Even if a vehicle is still under warranty—and repaired by the factory dealer—parts such as brake pad castings may not be installed correctly. Brake pads may fall off, front bumpers may be installed correctly, or a quarter panel installation may not be completed to Mercedes-Benz standards. A repair at a Mercedes Collision Center or a Mercedes-Benz Dealership is not necessarily done with the parts or experience that it should be.

At Eurotech Complete Auto Care in San Carlos, we take pride in providing our customers with the best-of-the-best Mercedes-Benz customer care. At our shop, we stand by our work with a 100% service guarantee.  In addition to this, you can save up to 40% off parts at our shop, compared to the pricing at a local Mercedes-Benz dealer or general body shops.

MBZ Genuine Parts are manufactured at the same facility as OEM Parts but cost 40% More at the Dealer!

It’s not surprising that our customers keep coming back to us, year after year, for all their auto repair needs. At Eurotech Complete Auto Care, we perform our Mercedes repair and servicing right the first time—and our services are always up to the high quality demanded by Mercedes-Benz.

Let Eurotech Complete Auto Care save you up to 40% on OEM Parts VS. Genuine Parts...

From an oil change to body work, we can help you get your Mercedes-Benz serviced and repaired. Please take advantage of our first time customer discount when scheduling a no wait service appointment—and visit us at

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